About Us

Friends, neighbours, customers and partners

As we sit back and witness the Craft Beer Revolution explode through Berlin, we are both proud and excited to reflect on the part we were able to play. Indeed, our intention always was to make exceptional beer more widely available, for you, the ever expanding connoisseurs of this market.

But, with our excitement, comes the bitter-sweet realisation that, as more and more incredible beer and more and more exciting new breweries continue to appear throughout our city, our role in this movement may encounter difficulties meeting the expectations of our progressive market.

With a heavy heart, but with proud satisfaction nonetheless, we’ve made the difficult decision to step back from our current constellation as our Bierlieb business, to jump on the wave with the rest of the city, but from the other side this time, and re-surface in our new respective incarnations.

The Bierlieb shop doors closed.

What now? When? And how? We’re not entirely certain at this stage, but we know that quality beer, which has always played a special role for us, is now, more than ever, playing exactly that same role for you guys. So we’re certain that whatever comes of this, we will most certainly cross paths again in the future!

Thank you so much for your continued support over our 3 years of business, your trust, understanding, and for all of the good times we’ve had together! You’ve been the best customers ever!

Cheers mate & Prost,
x Your Liebie Team
Michael Krentz, Holger Trabant, Cristal Peck
…and so many others!